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In the highly competitive contemporary business environment, Research and Development can only be perceived as a vital investment in a company's future and an essential component for sustainable development and prosperity.

KARATZIS S.A, through its highly skilled Research and Development team of expert professionals realizes its aspiration to improve, develop and deliver products of unparalleled quality and competitive cost effectiveness that drive both our own and our clients’ growth potential.

In every product we manufacture or every procedure that we follow, we seek to utilize and build upon the best technology available. Extensive sector research combined with the scientific expertise of our team of R&D experts, expands our knowledge base about products, processes, and services and leads to technological innovation that responds to our clients’ needs while meeting the demands of the highly diversified market in which we operate.

Creative innovation constitutes the competitive advantage that designates KARATZIS S.A as one of the leading companies in the netting industry, while at the same time breaking new ground in netting solutions that redefine what’s possible in our sector.

Investments in Research and Development

Educational Institutes
KARATZIS S.A is in continuous contact with research centers and educational institutes. Running projects with worldwide awarded teams in the fields of polymers and agriculture will continue to underline the devotion of the group to innovation.

Machinery development
KARATZIS S.A develops but also updates mechanical equipment in a state of the art Research and Development Center equipped with latest available technology.

KARATZIS S.A owns today 11 patents. This is a result of successful research and development projects that generated unique solutions for agriculture. The voyage is nonstop. There are pending applications for several new projects.