pallet-netwrap-gen Karatzis Pallet Netwrap is the solution when ventilation of products is needed in order to cure or cool down. PALLET NETWRAP

Advantages of Pallet Net Use by Industry

  • Hot field products Industry: Condensation formation after stretch wrapping using traditional stretch film is a problem. Pallet net prevents the development of condensation and all the associated problems like discoloration of labels, vitiation of packaging, rust generation on tins or caps, reduced performance of glues.
  • Frozen Products Industry: Time is always an important in this business. Pallet net shortens the freezing time by letting cold air to come through to the product quicker. The de-freezing time is also improved as the moisture can escape faster.
  • Fresh Produce Industry: Freshness of fresh produce is related with air permeability and circulation. Pallet net protects fresh produce while providing optimum air circulation that promotes longer lasting of freshness.