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The Management of KARATZIS Group is highly focused on the thorough planning and the careful implementation of a coherent corporate strategy. This strategy serves as a primary guideline not only to the Group’s short - term growth, but most of all to its middle and long – term sustainability.

The key pillars of the Group’s mid-term strategy are the following:

  • Continuous focus on extensive research & development, in order to introduce additional innovative products that provide high added value to the Group’s clientele.
  • Increase the commercial presence of the Group in the international markets, both through acquisitions and new business agreements.
  • Further fortification of the production base of the Group through investments that will boost capacity and enhance productivity.
  • Maximize the operating efficiency of the production facilities through the adoption of innovative production processes.
  • Further grow the Group’s presence in the field of solar energy in Greece, both through acquisitions of existing companies and through the filling of additional permit applications to the Greek Regulatory Authority for Energy.
  • Optimize the cost basis of the Group’s companies both in terms of production cost and in terms of general expenses.
  • Sustain and further improve the financial position of the Group through careful debt management and strict control of working capital.
  • Expand the facilities and services of Nana Golden Beach Hotel, through recurring renovation plans and additional investments.