Headquartered in Crete, the Karatzis Group started its business activities with the construction of net materials in 1974, while nowadays holds a worldwide leading position in this sector with the whole of its activity being export-oriented. Today the Group has three factories in Greece (Melidochori, Heraklion Industrial Area, Larissa) and one Germany (Kusey) with a total annual production capacity of more than 25,000 tonnes, while it has presence in other countries such as Spain, Italy, United Kingdom and Russia. The units owned by the Karatzis Group produce sacks, baling products, tube nets, palletizing nets, Christmas tree nets, display bags, elastic meat packaging nets, shading nets, as well as nets for the agricultural and animal farming sectors but also for the construction industry, covering a wide range of needs. Among the innovations introduced in the construction industry nets, is the patented Fluorescent Safety Net, which revolutionized the road construction sector.