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Over 7% of baled silage is spoiled through bird and animal damage. Trials have proven that by correctly applying a silage protection net, bird and animal damage can be significantly reduced or eliminated completely.

Be pro-active. Protect your bales when stored directly on the field.

KARATZIS' Silage Net keeps the forage perfect. It is an impenetrable barrier for picking birds and other wildlife, because of its strong and resistant mesh. Our silage net is easy to use, economical and keeps the forage safe.

One roll of our standard 8 x 25 m silage net can cover at least 150 bales of fodder. Different sizes could be available upon request. The product is UV stabilized, highly flexible and usable for many years.

Only premium grade raw materials are used to deliver the highest technical characeteristics.
KARATZIS' Silage Net is wrapped and folded on a core, packed in foil to make handling and shipping easier.

With high feed prices and high costs of silage production, the need for protecting your baled silage investment is even greater. Invest in safety and let your investment repay itself.

Probably one of the best solutions: KARATZIS' Silage Net!

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