The administration's vision is to create a modern competitive and profitable company that is able to provide safety and care of its customers. The company KARATZIS SA acknowledges its duty and accept the responsibilities of, for secure and continuous quality packaging materials intended to come into contact with foodstuffs. The primary objectives of KARATZIS SA are fully compliance with legislations, the enforcement of the requirements of standards ISO 9001, ISO 22000, BRC / IOP and the absolute satisfaction of our customers by providing reliable and high quality products for food packaging.

The company's management is committed to:

  • Produce and offer to customers products fit for the intended purpose.
  • Ensure and provide the necessary resources for materials, equipment and strengthening of human resources
  • Constantly improve the operating procedures of the company and hence, the Quality Assurance System.
  • Trains staff to constantly renewed knowledge and to ensure the participation and cooperation among employees.

As part of the Quality Management Policy sets out specific key objectives of Quality which are:

  • Follow-up of developments in the technology of products.
  • Continuous education.
  • Continuous improvement of production equipment and means of monitoring and controlling of production.
  • Reducing defective raw materials and finished products.
  • Reduce customer complaints.
  • Reduse of returned products

Each department's head has the responsibility to ensure that the objectives of the Quality Policy are understood, implemented and maintained in their fields. The quantitative and percentage figures of those targets and times to reach them out set at the beginning of the year and reviewed at the reviews of the Quality Assurance System. The fulfillment of these goals have led not only the best image and profitability of the company, but cause the satisfaction and pride for all of us who work for KARATZIS S.A.