KEN S.A., member of Karatzis S.A., is a very active power trading firm since June 2018 in the power trading business through the Greek interconnections in long and short term trades. In this way we bring all the advantages of the foreign markets to the Greek eligible customer, we diversify our sources and our portfolio and we achieve risk mitigation. This multi dimension approach offers a safe net to KEN S.A. against possible price fluctuations and it gives us characteristics of a vertical integrated player. In addition KEN S.A. is one of the very few Greek Power Trading firms which are trading participants in the largest European Energy Exchange, the EEX. Being active in the financial trading of power through forward derivatives allows us to be right prepared for the demanding future ahead of us when the coupled European energy markets will be the new status. Lastly, it gives us the right depth and it offers alternative choices in connection to the sourcing of energy, something that places KEN S.A. among the leading domestic and Balkan power trading companies.