Respect for the environment

We enforce strict environmentally responsible guidelines in all aspects of our operation, while educating our workforce about the sound use of natural resources, energy and water consumption and waste management. We promote recycling. We recycle all of our production scrap in every production plant we operate. Our headquarters participate in the local community paper recycling program. We have also implemented the standard EN ISO 14001:2004.Partnering for the environment.


Greek Company for the Protection of Nature

The oldest environmental organization in Greece. Active since 1951 it is responsible for designating National Natural Heritage Parks, National Wetland Ramsar Parks and the protection of various endangered species.


Foundation for Environmental Education. The Blue Flag Program.

The Blue Flag program of the Foundation for Environmental Education. an eco-label awarded to over 3650 beaches and marinas in 44 countries across Europe, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada and the Caribbean.


The Green Key program

The Green Key is a voluntary eco-label for tourism facilities that promotes sustainable tourism and aims to contribute to the prevention of climate change by awarding and advocating facilities with good initiatives. The Green Key began in Denmark in 1994 and was adopted by the Foundation for Environmental Education in 2002. It has since spread to 12 countries and continues to grow. The Green Key educates and empowers tourism actors, including enterprises, authorities, guests, and local communities to change unsustainable behaviors and become importantly involved in the protection of their environment.



The Sea Turtle Protection Society (STPS) ARCHELON was founded in 1983. Its aim is to study and protect the sea turtles and their habitats through fieldwork, management, collaboration with stakeholders, public awareness and rehabilitation.



An Italian environmental group aiming to promote environmental protection on a sound scientific database with realistic and feasible alternatives, through information, awareness raising and the involvement of citizens. The clean up the med program found strong support among many stakeholders in the Mediterranean region.



Cretaquarium is part of the Thalassocosmos complex, the largest research, technology and entertainment centre in the Mediterranean. Thalassocosmos extends over 6 hectares in Heraklion Crete. Cretaquarium works closely with the Hellenic Centre for Marine research which is the national laboratory of Greece for all aspects of marine research, physical oceanography, marine geology, wave prediction, coastal geomorphology, fisheries, aquaculture, marine biology, marine genetics and inland waters.